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If you are new to Dekaron or particularly a 0rb server, you might be asking yourself some common questions like; "Where do I level?", "How am I going to get enough DIL for wings,skills etc.". Well you have come to the right thread!
Here I shall guide you on your journey to level 255 and hopefully becoming a multimillionaire (in-game that is :p).

1. Creating your character.

Once you have chosen which class you want to play with and what the name will be you have a selection of choosing either Braiken Castle or Loa Castle as your hometown. Depending on your choice of hometown your leveling guides (and moneymaking) shall differ.
I recommend for you to choose Loa Castle as your starting point for several reasons, the biggest reason being that most of the people who play Alpha Dekaron tend to start off in Loa Castle. And this could be crucial for the next step of your journey (see chapter 2).

2. Begging for levels and DIL.

As the title states this is where you can get a massive head start in the whole levelling ordeal. I recommend finding a high level character wandering around Loa and asking him/her politely to give you some dil and a bit of power levelling. Do not spam or nag them as they might not even consider helping you then! If this tactic works you can either;
•proceed levelling in the respectable maps (See later chapters depending on your level).
•Be a cunning b****rd and try to find another person who will do the same for you :].
There is also one other thing to take into consideration at this point, and that is asking for them to send you some of their own experience (See the experience banking guide for further details

3. Levelling from level 1-60.
-Also basics in gameplay (gear,map levels etc.)

If the previous chapter did not help you or you messed up by spamming and annoying the high level players this chapter is for you.
You are level 1 and are looking for a place to level. Look no further! Now depending on your hometown read and follow the respectable guides;

Before I get into levelling I strongly recommend picking up every single DIL drop in-game from this point forward as it is vital for further gameplay and extremely difficult to farm at lower levels!!

Loa Castle (to level 15).
You want to head to the outer circle of Loa (press 'M' for map) where all the mobs (monsters) can be found. Your best bet is to kill a Blaverus, since it is the lowest level mob in the game to get your first few levels. Now having done that put all the stat points you have earned for killing it into the stat that increases your characters attack (see class specifics). After you have done that proceed to level to lvl. 15 in Loa or go to North Morte which is due north of Loa castle spreading your stat points more evenly from now on throughout the game.

Braiken Castle (to level 15).
You want to head to the outer circle of Braiken (press 'M' for map) where all the mobs (monsters) can be found. Your best bet is to kill a Spider Larva, since it is the lowest level mob in the game to get your first few levels. Now having done that put all the stat points you have earned for killing it into the stat that increases your characters attack (see class specifics). After you have done that proceed to level to lvl. 15 in Braiken or go to North Ares which is due north of Braiken Castle spreading your stat points more evenly from now on throughout the game.

Gear and Exp; Denebe,Heiharp,Parca, Frozen valley and Crespo (to level 60).
You should be level 15 before attempting this part, if not go to the previous topic and follow the guide.
You are level 15 now and should start worrying about gear to keep you alive longer. Gear not only looks more awesome each time you advance to a higher levl set, the defense will also increase!
Whenever you see higher level gear drop for your class pick it up and wear it. "How do I know if it is higher level gear?". The answer is simple, the higher level the map is the higher the gear will be. "But Silly, how do I know what level the maps are?" The answer to this is also simple, I shall include map levels throughout this guide to help you on your quest to reach level 255.

Now that you know the pure basics of this game you can continue leveling without worrying about anything else!

Levelling to level 60.
There aren't that many things you need to know about this topic apart from the map levels, so here they are;
•Denebe - is a level 15 map.
•Heiharp - is a level 25 map.
•Parca Temple - is also a level 25 map however you can not level here until you are level 35. To do so head north and you will come to a gate, click on this and pass through it. If you are just able to enter head toward the west passage and kill mobs there (this is a level 35 section). If you are a bit higher then you might want to try your luck through the east passage where the mobs are around level 40-45.
•Frozen valley of Vengeance - this is a level 40 map that you can teleport to through parca temple or walk there via Heiharp. If you want to try this place out I suggest kill mobs all the way through till you get to the end, hopefully being level 55 at the time and you can then proceed straight through Crespo portal.
•Crespo - is a level 55 map however the mobs are a bit higher, if you think you can handle them then go ahead! level here till you hit level 60.

Congratulations, you should be level 60 now and can move on to the next chapter of my guide!

4. Levelling from 60-115.

In this chapter I will help you overcome the dark forces of Python Castle, Tomb of the Black Dragon and the Cursed Maze, Slay evil bosses, complete perilous quests and ultimately improve your character.

Okay there is not much to say for the first map once you hit level 60 apart from the fact that you have to reach level 80 to move on to the next map. This map is called Draco Desert and can be travelled to via most of the main teleporters ingame (Parca,Loa,Braiken..).
However you can pass the time levelling by collecting weapons that mobs drop here and sell them to a NPC, just collect until your inventory is full then go and sell them! Repeat this process a few times and before you know it you hit level 80 and get a decent amount of DIL.
•Python Castle - is the first map you should be heading to after you reach level 80. Here I suggest you get to level 85 and farm your level 90 set along the way and don't forget to pick up all the DIL that drops!!

•Across the desert - this is a quest that HAS TO BE DONE! Well it doesn't really have to be done but if you don't do it Silly will be pissed off at you! To take up the quest all you have to do is find Hamon in Draco Desert, he is located south-east of the Draco teleporter.
Upon completing this quest you receive a necklace that increases all of your magic resistance by 15%!
You should also gain enough levels to get into the next map, if not then you have to level to 95 before moving on. I must warn you though, take plenty of potions and make sure you increase your skill levels before attempting to kill this foul beast.

•Tomb of the Black Dragon - this is a level 95 map and also drops the level 100 sets.
•Cursed Maze - this map is a level 105 map and the level 110-114 expansion sets can be found here too, right in the north-west corner of the map. Here you level to 115.

Great! Now we are done with this chapter and a step closer to reaching 255!

5. Levelling from 115-160.

This chapter will guide you to level 160 covering everything from map locations the the Arc deadfront. The first thing you might want to do when you reach level 115 is to check out the awesome underwater map called Aquarius.

•Aquarius - is a level 115 map which you can get to by teleporting to Requies Beach from Draco and from there walk up the dock and talk with Bingo, mind you the teleport costs 100k DIL so stack up on potions and make more than that before you die! You can also loot 105 and 115 weapons here.
•Aquarai Ruins - this map is a 130 map and is located in North Morte, to the west of the map. Here you can farm 130 sets but thanks to the lovely staff here at Alpha you can also buy +7 130 set pieces at the respectable NPC's to your class for only 1 million DIL a piece! Yes and I mean "only" because I'm expecting you have picked up all the DIL along the way and should be able to afford these Smile You can also buy 130 weapons here too.
This map leads to yet another map called;
•Space of Pilgramage - which is also a level 130 map. Within these 2 maps you level to 145, it might seem like a long time but you can take breaks and try completing the Arc Deadfront every few hours (the timer is on the website).


"Silly, what is the Arc Deadfront?" Well it is a sort of mini event if you will that is held every few hours. The Deadfronts are held in a map called: Chain of Fire which you can get to by teleporting to Braiken Castle, walking to North Ares (north of Braiken). It is located in the South East of the map.
To attend the deadfront you must have a party of at least 2 people and buy a Deadfront map from either Pablos in Loa or Imoen in Chain of fire. Each member must have a map in order to apply for the Df (deadfront). "How do I apply for Df?" As stated before you must have atleast 2 members in your party both of which have a Df map. Look at your maps to make sure which one you have to buy, they have level info. on them so you cannot go wrong. Once you have bought a map, open your world map buy pressing the "M" key and head towards the respectable NPC. Once you reach the NPC you wait there until the Applications have started, which should result in the onscreen timer turning orange. To explain further would take an hour of your time just to read it, you can learn how to complete the Df just like the rest of us, trial and error :] Good luck!

The next big checkpoint is level 145, at this level you can enter Deadlands which is a level 145 map and is located north west of Cursed Maze. This map also drops the 145 weapons and level 140 necklaces (12% resist neckies). With a combination of both Df and Deadlands you should hit 160 in no time! and thus bringing us to the end of this chapter.

6. Levelling from 160-255.

Yes the chapter we have all been dreading =(. It has come to the point where leveling is quite more time consuming compared to the previous levels. But does not mean any less fun, why at this stage you can kill noobs and alot more!

Below is a list of the high level maps, what they drop and where they are;

•West Morte - this is a level 160 map that you can get to using the Loa 1 teleporter. Here you can farm the 160 sets, bear in mind you do not have to level here non-stop as you have just reached a new Df, the 160+ one.

•East Ares - this map is also a level 160 map and can be teleported to through the braiken 2 teleporter. The drops are the same as West Morte.

•Crespo Abyss - is a level 175 map that can be found in the Loa 1 teleporter, this map also drops the 160 sets, but more importantly it drops the highest grade gems you can find in the game; 7% attack gems and 10% resistance gems.

•Shadow Tower - This tower is a level 180 area and consists of 5 maps within it, each map obviously harbouring stronger mobs as you proceed to venture further in it. The mobs in these maps drop the 180 sets and the bosses within these maps drop the corresponding Divine Noble pieces. In order to get to this map you must go through Rest of Admirers which is a passage way to the 3 highest level maps. It can be found in any of the Braiken and Loa teleporters.

•Fantasy - this is a level 190 map and as you might have guessed by now, drops the 190 sets, as of now these are the best sets you can get in the game so it's definately worth checking out! You also teleport here through the Rest of Admirers

•Ardeca - Finally, we have Ardeca, the highest level map in the game at the moment. To get here you also need to travel through Rest of Admirers. This map drops the level 205 weapons! and alot of DIL. However this is where the leveling gets tougher, From here on out the only decent places you can level are pretty much Df and Ardeca. Don't count out the events too! The events on this server are quiet frequent and you always got a good chance of getting a few levels when attending!

Warning: Congratulations! Now that you have reached 255 you have better watch your backs from now on! SillyBilly is after you! I suggest running when you see my name as I will show no mercy.

7. V.I.P. - Vip can be purchased at 3000 coins for 30 days. Purchasing VIP will not only increase your coins received by 25% but you will gain access to the all new VIP Island which is a map where all the mobs hit for 1 damage, excluding bosses. They have an amazing drop rate of 205 weapons, argates, DIL and give a tonne of EXP! And not to mention you are helping out the server alot when purchasing VIP :]

I hope my guide has helped you understand the game better, and for the common dekaron players given a bit of an insight to things you might not have known! Ultimately I hope you enjoy playing Alpha Dekaron as much as I do and stay with us Smile
Good Luck!


P.s. Reputation points for me if you have found the guide useful Smile Thank you.

Red = chapter
Orange = sub-chapter
Blue = quest
Purple = maps
Pink = Deadfront
Yellow = RUN THE F**K AWAY

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Thanks. Great guide

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Great job SillyBilly!

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