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For those who are new to the server. Alpha Dekaron has a Experience Banking system in place.This guide will help you become more familiar with it.

For starters you would have to logout of your account to the login screen of your Alpha Dekaron client, and log into your account on the Alpha Dekaron Website

After you log into your Alpha Dekaron after the page loads, click on Experience Banking under the My Account menu. After, from the new menu at the top, click on visit bank

You have a choice on whether to deposit or withdraw experience from your bank in this pic I am depositing exp into the bank.

After you deposit the exp into the bank you can choose Gift the exp to another player, list it to be sold or just leave it be.

When listing exp to be sold for d-shop coins remember that you will only get 95% of the coins you get each sale because of the 5% server tax which goes to the castle owner. The least amount of coins you can sell Exp for is 20 coins.

After you list your exp to be sold you can check on it's status or even delete it by clicking on Check Listings.

Remember, you can only deposit as much experience as you have for the level that you're at. You can't go into the negatives or "de-level" yourself.

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This post is a list of some level ranges and experience requirements to help in calculating for Exp Banking.

Special Note: The number format for experience values will have comma(,) separators (example: 4,000)in the tables below. However, The Exp Banking number format does not use commas (example: 4000), so be very careful when buying/selling through Exp banking and make sure to remove any commas or spaces when copying or pasting amounts.

Also, The [Withdraw Max] button tries to withdraw 2,147,483,647 Exp onto your character. The number 2,147,483,647 is the max allowable by the Exp Banking System, and it will result in an error if you have any experience on your character before pressing the button because it will not allow you to try to withdraw max if a character's experience exceeds that amount after the withdrawal. You will have to press the [Deposit All] button before clicking [Withdraw Max] in this instance.

If you do not have 2,147,483,647 Experience in your bank when you press [Withdraw Max], it will just withdraw whatever you have left in your bank so long as the total on the character doesn't exceed the previous amount.

Overall Required Experience
From - To
Total Exp Needed
1 - 255
1 - 230
1 - 200
1 - 190
1 - 180
1 - 160
1 - 145
1 - 130
1 - 115
1 - 100

Specific Level Intervals
From - To
Total Exp Needed
230 - 255
200 - 230
190 - 200
180 - 190
160 - 180
145 - 160
130 - 145
115 - 130
100 - 115

Fun Thought: Approximately, the first 40 billion experience you earn gets you 199 levels, and the next 110 billion you earn after that only gets you 55 levels.

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In Philippines

Para sa mga bagong player sa server. "Alpha Dekaron" ay may sistema na tinatawag na "Experience Banking system". Ang guide na ito ay para matulungan kayo na maging mas pamilyar sa bagong sistema.
Para sa nagsimula pa lang kailangan nyong mag-logout ng iyong account sa login screen ng iyong Alpha Dekaron client, at mag-log in sa iyong account sa Alpha Dekaron

Pagkatapos mong mag-log in sa iyong Alpha Dekaron pagkatapos ng pahina ng mga naglo-load, i-click sa "Experience Banking" na makikita sa menu ng "My Account". Pagkatapos, mula sa bagong menu sa itaas, i-click nyo ang "Visit Bank".
Pwede kayo mamili kung i-dedeposito o babawiin nyo ang inyong "experience" . Sa larawan na binigay ko, makikita nyo na nagdedeposito ako ng "experience" sa banko.

Matapos mong i-deposito ang "experience" sa banko pwede mong piliin iregalo ang "experience" sa ibang tao, i-lista nyo para mabenta, or iwan nyo lang.
Kung balak nyong ibenta ang iyong "experience" para sa "d-shop coins", tandaan na 95% lang ang makukuha sa bawat benta dahil sa 5% na buwis para sa "server". Ang pinakamababang halaga ng mga "coins" na maaari ibenta ng Exp ay 20 coins.

Pagkatapos mong ilista ang iyong exp para ibebenta maaari mong suriin ang katayuan o tanggalin ito sa pamamagitan ng pag-click sa "Check Listings".
Tandaan, maaari ka lamang magdeposito ng "experience" depende sa iyong "level". Hindi nyo pwedeng ibalik ang "experience" para bumaba ang inyong level.

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