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1Update List Empty Update List on Sat Sep 03, 2011 2:49 am


  • 130 +7 aloken helm sold in shop
  • aloken 205 weapons added
  • Aloken weapons require str instead of dex
  • Aloken Aqua purge and damage reflect icon collision fixed
  • Mage's Gravity ruin fixed to hit 4 times
  • VIP island mob level set to 255
  • Reduced damage of Arcdeca mobs
  • Added stash, and shop npc to Arcdeca
  • Azure Knight counter hit locks opponent's skill bar
  • Azure Knight point target" and Insensibility icon collision fixed
  • Azure Knight Taunt bash and blind jab icon collision fixed
  • Teleporter to Undo stadium put in Rest of Admirers
  • Prize exchanges updated
  • Kata's quests removed
  • Commission quests fixed
  • AP ratio set to 10:1

  • Aloken Guardarm and Spear upgradeable
  • Segnale 190 pants upgradeable
  • Crespo Dungeon Boss' hp reduced
  • West Morte/East Ares monsters hp and level reduced
  • Levels increased on Shadow Tower and Fantasy monsters
  • Crespo Abyss gem drop rate increased, experience increased, levels adjusted
  • Deadlands drop rate increased

  • Hell and Forsaken mob damage reduced
  • VIP island mobs fixed
  • Increased experience per mob in Shadow Tower, Fantasy, and Arcdeca
  • Copper argate drops added onto Fantasy and Arcdeca mobs

  • All socketing cost lowered 10k per slot
  • A9 skills added
  • Fantasy island available through Aged Heman in rest of admirers
  • 190 gear and 7% attack gems added on mobs on fantasy island
  • Drop rates of 205 weapons increased on Arcdeca
  • Drop rates of 180 armors increased in Shadow Tower
  • The "purple" tiling effect fixed
  • Forsaken deadfront max level raised 255

  • All monster experience doubled
  • All items sell for 30% of their purchasing value and doesn't cap out at 20,000 anymore.
  • 130 +7 armors and weapons are now sold at their respective Loa & Braiken merchants
  • Heart of the Phoenix hp regeneration dropped to 200 hp/sec
  • Velika Rex drop rate fixed

  • West Morte & East Ares access level set to level 160
  • West Morte, East Ares, Doom Deadfront mobs double exp
  • Shadow Tower access level set to 180
  • Doom DF mobs attack lowered
  • fix deadlands drop rate fixed mobs
  • Shop set up in loa and braiken
  • Stasis orb implemented
  • Fisherman's amulets removed
  • Hell on Earth teleport removed
  • 102 wings price reduced to 3 million dil
  • 200 wings exchange at tracy for 150 gold argates plus their original counter parts

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