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Up until yesterday, Alpha Dekaron allowed "proxy voting". What that means is Alpha Dekaron only limited your accounts voting to 12 hours per IP address. So, if you used a proxy server to vote, you could vote multiple times on your account. No, this was not a bug. We purposefully allowed it as a service to you and us.

Why did we do it? We did it because the voting sites do exactly the same thing; they only track by IP address. So, essentially, it was to speed up the process to allow you to get more coins faster and allow us to get more votes faster.

Why did we remove it? Because people were abusing it. What I mean by abusing it is this: as soon as you click the "vote for on xtremetop100" button on the Alpha Dekaron site and it redirects you to the voting site, you get your coins. However, we don't get the "in vote" unless you type in the captcha on the site. Because some of the people who were "proxy voting" were being lazy and not actually voting by typing in the captcha, we removed it.

Consequently, now, you can only vote once every 12 hours per account and once every 12 hours per IP. Yes, you can still amass coins by making multiple accounts and voting with different IP's on each, but we know most people won't be fucked to do that because it's "too much work."

If you're going to complain and say something along the lines of, "oh you didn't tell me about it. That's unfair for the other people who already got the coins." My response to you is this,
"You probably didn't know how to use a proxy in the first place, and I'm not going to spend the time to tell people they can obtain more coins by doing something they have no clue about and could easily google it. Generally, people that know how to use proxies test it against systems like this anyways. As far as the people who already have the coins, it is difficult to tell who actually made votes count while using a proxy and who didn't. In other words, we got a lot of votes still, but it was being "abused" far more than the votes we got, and it's not worth the time to track them down just to strip them of the few extra coins they got."

In conclusion, you can still obtain coins by voting and then "not voting", but that hurts the server. Now, my question to you is this: "If you're playing on a game server, why are you not helping it succeed?" If you don't like it, and your intention is to hurt it, the best thing you can do to hurt it is to simply leave. Logically, it doesn't make any sense to play on a server, and have your agenda be "I'm here to hurt the server." when the best thing you can do to hurt it is to not be on it.

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