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19-9-11 Maintenance Empty 9-9-11 Maintenance on Sat Sep 10, 2011 12:04 am


Today's maintenance had to do with a voting bug being exploited which has now been fixed. Someone managed to rack up tons of coins and buy unlimited amount of cash shop items; some of which he used for himself, some of which he gifted to other random players. At the server owner's request, all of those items were deleted and all of that player's coins were reset.

If an item was deleted off your character that wasn't part of this ordeal, please PM me with your character's name, the name of the item that was deleted, and how you acquired that item.

If you try to scam items from me saying you had "item x and now it's gone", and I see that you didn't, Soapy has given me permission to give you a two week ban for wasting my time because I will check everything before I act.

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