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This server does not have rules. We have guidelines. They (the guidelines) are here to help you decide what would and would not be acceptable to us (the Alpha Dekaron staff). We, the Alpha Dekaron staff, are not bound by these guidelines and reserve the right to take any action necessary to your forum and/or game accounts to aid in the proper up-keep of the server and the well-being of the community. By creating an account on the forum or in-game, you are abiding by these terms.

Forum guidelines:
  • Apply common sense and common decency to all your post.
    • If you have nothing of value to add, don't post.

In-game guidelines:
  • Don't cheat.

In short, if try not to piss the staff off, you should be fine and have a good time at Alpha Dekaron.

Contacting the staff:
  1. You can contact the staff via the forum by posting in the right section or PMing them.
  2. You can check the IRC channel:
  3. Ventrilo - hostname: port: 3927

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